Marquis Underwriting

Based out of Vancouver, BC, we specialize in providing insurance solutions for property and casualty risks.

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Insurance Services that Clients Love and Trust

The executive team of Marquis brings forth many years of industry experience in leadership positions along with high regard among industry peers. The managing members carry both CIP and CAIB designations and are actively involved in this new venture. All our team members are highly educated individuals and empowered to succeed; all are engaged and aspire to work to the highest ability entailed by their positions.‚Äč

Property Insurance

Homeowners insurance will grant you the peace of mind knowing that your home is covered against uncertain loss. Should your home be damaged through fire, weather, theft and so forth, your home will be repaired or rebuilt to its condition prior to the incident. We provide competitive pricing for the right insurance policy that is catered to you.

Business Insurance

Business insurance provides coverage protecting business from potential risks. Every business is different which is why we look over every asset and liability in detail. By combing over all areas of a business we are able to fully understands its needs. We offer well tailored insurance policies that cater to each individual business in order to bring the best value to our clients.

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